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About PSMITRA expertise on industrial painting products

Our Mission: To provide our industrial and commercial clients with the best products and knowledge to allow them an exceptional production experience.

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  • To provide the best quality products at the fairest price and in the quickest turnaround times.
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Mike Traczyk expertise Description:

INDUSTRIAL POWDER COATING AND PAINTING PROCESSES, MATERIALS, EQUIPMENT; ELECTROCOATING PROCESS; ELECTROSTATIC PAINTING; SPRAY PAINTING. Expert has consulted extensively and been a lecturer in the field of industrial powder coating and painting since 1973. He is widely recognized throughout the coatings industry for his experience and expertise. Industrial painting processes and pretreatments in which he is adept include electrocoating, electrostatic finishing, powder coating, and other application and curing processes.

CLEANING; SPRAY COATING; POWDER COATING; PAINT SELECTION. He works with cleaning and conversion coating of parts to be painted. He has also worked extensively with decorative and protective painting, solventborne and waterborne coatings, powder coatings, and high solids coatings. Expert is also extremely proficient in equipment selection and troubleshooting for spray coating, electrostatic coating, powder spray coating, electrocoating, and rotary disks and bells.

PAINT FAILURE; PAINT PROBLEMS. He has provided consulting in industrial painting to clients in USA, Asia, Europe, South America, and Central America. He is proficient in all aspects of industrial painting including cleaning, pretreatments, application curing, testing, defect correction, quality control/quality assurance, equipment need analyses, system analyses, paint line requirements, layout design, and others.