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Paint consulting - paint consultantIndustrial painting consulting

Paint consulting - paint consultantOur quality commitment is to provide industry leading Consultations, Specification and Quality Control. At PSMITRA our Consulting Services provides premium services and results in the painting industry.
With our knowledge and experience in the industrial field, we provide all the coating related services you may require from: product recommendations to complete specifications and quality control inspections. Our consultations, specifications and quality control are setting new industry standards in performance and longevity.

Due to the unique exterior environmental conditions of your region, the need for proper coatings application is intrinsic. Paint failures are becoming more and more prevalent in certains regions due to improper application, inferior product application, and insufficient surface preparation. We specialize in most substrates.

If you require an assessment on a previous, present or upcoming project we can provide detailed and an affordable consultation containing all the essential information you will require to make an informed decision on how to proceed with your project. If your project is to be on schedule it is imperative that you have a proper consultation done so you may move forward with a professional plan of action. Our consultations include:

Equipment recommendations
Product recommendations
Corrective measures for coatings failure
Material specifications
Approved application procedures
Maintenance schedules
Pressure washing
Paint criteria’s
We have worked with internationally renowned corporations and helped in establishing paint specifications and criteria’s.

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