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We provide industry leading Consultations, Specification and Quality Control

At PSMITRA our Consulting Services provides premium services and results in the painting industry. With our knowledge and experience in the commercial, institutional and residential fields we provide all the coating related services you may require from: product recommendations to complete specifications and quality control inspections. Our consultations, specifications and quality control are setting new industry standards in performance and longevity.

blasterDue to the unique environmental conditions of your region, the need for proper coatings application and moisture barriers is intrinsic. Paint failures are becoming more and more prevalent in many region due to improper application, inferior product application, insufficient surface preparation. We specialize in all substrates.


Applications for the Metal Finishing - Paint & Powder Coating industry include:

Acid Pickling

Generally the final cleaning stage prior to pretreatment or plating, acid pickling removes scale, rust, and other contaminants from the metal surface. Acid pickling activates the surface to prepare it for plating and provides a light etch for better adhesion.

Aluminum Pretreatments

A thin chromate film on aluminum metals provides good corrosion resistance and a clean base for paint or rubber bonding.

Non-Chrome Coatings

Because of the cost of chrome, as well as its environmental ramifications, non-chrome coatings may be chosen. PSMITRA non-chrome coatings provide corrosion resistance and aid in adhesion of organic coatings that may be applied later in the substrate's processing.

Cleaners, Pretreatment
we know that the selection of pretreatment cleaners goes beyond the choice between immersion and spray. To that end, we have developed a wide variety of cleaners to meet your specific requirements.
Acidic Cleaners

  • Extremely effective at removing inorganic soils
  • Inhibited against pitting of base metals
  • Robust formulations tolerant of heavy buildup of soils
  • Compliment conversion coating phosphates well
  • Free-rinsing and easy to use

Alkaline Cleaners

  • Heavy, robust products tolerant to heavy soil buildup
  • Emulsify and sequester oils for most efficient cleaning
  • Split oils for physical separation and extension of cleaner life
  • Steel-only and multi-metal safe products
  • Free-rinsing and easy to use

Final Seals
Final seals improve the corrosion resistance and adhesion of the conversion coated metal surfaces that are subsequently coated with conventional, electrocoat and powder coatings.

General Maintenance

We offer a wide selection of general maintenance cleaners to meet the cleaning challenges of all industries. Our systems offerings include specialized products and equipment such as mechanized floor cleaners, steam generators, high-pressure sprays, and proportioners. A visit to your facility will help us identify which cleaning products and equipment are best for your particular surface, soils to be cleaned, processes, and budget concerns. Don’t hesitate – contact PSMITRA today!

Lubricants are the hardest working in the industry. Their many benefits include:
Minimization of metal surface damage, thus fewer rejects
Reduction of heat generated, preventing residue build-up, keeping dies cool, and extending tool and die life
Ease of cleaning
Higher drawing speeds
Better surface quality

Paint Detackification
Paint Detackification involves the treatment of paint overspray that is captured by a water source. This captured material is then detackified and dispersed using the best detackification technology. This detackified paint can remain afloat using various flocculants or allowed to sink depending on the removal method used.
Whether you are spraying high solid water-based paint or solvent-based paint PSMITRA has the solution to detackify your paint.

Paint Strippers
We offer a wide variety of paint strippers are designed to remove paint and other organic finishes no matter what your situation.

Phosphate Coatings, Iron
Whether you need an iron phosphate or a combination detergent and iron phosphate. We offer the products that will suit your process, from spray or immersion to steam.

Phosphate Coatings, Manganese
For friction reduction with coatings of optimal weight and crystal size, PSMITRA Manganese Phosphate Coatings are the products of choice.

Phosphate Coatings, Zinc
The diverse family of liquid zinc phosphate coating products that we offer produce the desired surface that will be suitable for treatment with electrophoretic, powder, solvent-borne and water-borne paints.

Rust Preventives
PSMITRA offers rust preventives products are the best lines of defense against corrosion. PSMITRA offers short, mid and long-term indoor and outdoor protection against moisture and other contaminants, thus prolonging the life of your valued product.
We provide a complete line of Rust Preventive products to meet all of your corrosion protection requirements. The product you need is here at PSMITRA.