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If pretreatment chemistries are what you’re looking for, then you have come to the right place. MITRA expertise on metal pretreatments prior to painting and powder coating is notorious.
Our cleaners and pretreatments have been used by industries such as: Military and Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Appliance, Heavy Equipment, and a whole lot more.

Because PSMITRA also distributes coolants, lubricants, and rust preventives, we know what it takes to remove these materials and the other soils found on your components. And with the ever-changing environmental regulations and directives, we make sure we’re constantly monitoring and adapting our processes to meet the latest requirements without sacrificing performance.

Furthermore, from a product development point of view, our involvement with the aforementioned industries pushes us to stay on the cutting edge of pretreatment technology. Many of the new technologies we distribute for these various industries also find their way onto the pretreatment lines of North America’s paint and powder coating job shops.
If your application calls for the highest level of performance or you are working on the tightest of budgets, please call PSMITRA. With our many years of experience servicing the Metal Finishing industry, we have a pretreatment chemistry that fits your application.

Do you need more than pretreatment? PSMITRA has a wide array of liquid and gel type paint strippers, as well as numerous types of paint detackifiers, for use in capturing paint overspray in water wash booths.

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